Tribal Rugs

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    In this section you can find amazing collection of Tribal rugs. Weaving and knotting are among the first creative activities begun by homo habilis approximately 2.8 million years ago. During the development of mankind, communal needs,  and migrations have made the art of weaving the noblest of arts. Tribal carpets, mostly made by the nomads of Iran and Azerbaijan, the Turkmens and the steppe populations, up to Afghanistan, etc., have preserved their ethnic and cultural identity with carpet manufacturing for millennia. Despite being nomadic or semi-nomadic, many tribal carpets have not remained immune to the city’s decorative style, often merging and creating real works that today we would call abstract or conceptual. In this gallery you will be able to appreciate tribal carpets and kilims with a high aesthetic and ethno-anthropological value. Many of the patterns knotted or woven into these rugs are still debated by scholars and professionals in the field. A real dive into the world of tribal carpets to love and collect.