Rare Rugs

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    Here you can find our exquisite collection of rare rugs. Very often we come across the word “collection” or “collecting” to which we can attribute any object. Collecting carpets is among the noblest and most challenging activities not only for the passionate carpet lover, but also and above all for the merchant who every day finds himself deciding whether to choose a carpet or whether to let it fly to other lands. Worldwide we find important collection of antique and rare carpets in Museums or  in very important galleries of carpets, kilim and textiles as rare items to add to the own collection. Each carpet has its history, its charm, its little mystery but thanks to the decorations, manufacturing techniques, colors and materials we are able to investigate and become passionate about traditions, styles and cultures coming from areas that are often unreachable for us or vaguely clear in our imagination. The carpets collected in this section offer an excellent research tool among carpets, fabrics and kilims in a “miscellany” of styles and decorations that range from China to Iran and from Turkey to Scandinavia. Collecting carpets is very challenging due to the huge variety of oriental rugs, kilims and textiles still available in the market. Here, in Mollaian rugs, we provide best quality, guaranteed rugs and choosen with care and with a “special” attitude, find rare and beautiful rugs for carpet collectors, scholars and Museum as well. A true immersion in a decidedly varied and eclectic collection of antique carpets.