Antique Silk Rugs

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    Antique silk rugs are the most valuable among those made in the East. Often silk carpets have weft, warp and pile in silk, but there are cases in which the structure of the carpet is in cotton or sometimes, only in the weft, having the pile in wool and silk. Silk carpets, especially those of ancient manufacture, are particularly difficult to find in good condition. Silk as a yarn is super resistant, but at the same time, very delicate in its chromatic composition. Finding soft and bright antique silk rugs is quite difficult, and creating a collection of antique silk rugs is certainly among the most arduous tasks a merchant can undertake. Silk, the noble fiber par excellence, has always been used for the production of carpets for the nobility and the dominant social class. Although it is still a common perception that silk carpets are only suitable for classic or particularly pompous environments, in this collection it is possible to appreciate elegant carpets in excellent quality, capable of embellishing even particularly modern environments. Each of these artefacts, be it a Turkish, Persian or Chinese silk carpet, represents excellence and mastery in the manufacture of both floral and decorative or pictorial carpets.