Framed Items

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    In this section of Mollaianrugs, you will be able to appreciate another use of textiles and rugs to place on walls or furniture. These are carpets and tapestries in the kilim technique in small format, be they woven aprons, silk and metal thread brocades, fragments mounted and framed on canvas, mafrash and vaghireh, celebratory rugs or saddle rugs. Often the use of a rug is on the floor but we can embellish our room also with small framed items as little painting in every place wi find in our room. It’s so nice collecting this rare items because we can change or we can mix different styles easily and fast having always a new visual perception in every room. A world made of weaving and embroidery ranging from 17th century Turkey to 19th century Chinese brocades, to very rare small Scandinavian tapestries. These small carpets and framed textiles, can be excellent furnishing accessories that are easy to insert into any living context, be it a prestigious office, an area of the room to be enhanced and collecting even with little space available.