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Are you looking for an exclusive rug, hand-knotted with an exceptional quality and coming from countries famous for this kind of product? If you’re looking for such an exceptional rug and you want to choose the one you prefer among a wide range of high-quality items and precious collections, Mollaian is the partner you were looking for. Indeed, the company specializes in the import and sale of exclusive rugs. It can count on the experience Farzin Mollaian acquired in the field of oriental rugs through the years. The company’s mission is to promote the trade and dissemination of rugs’ culture, selecting the best pieces with attention and expertise. The perfect solution for carpets’ enthusiasts who look for the best quality.


Discover Molaian’s selected catalogue of carpets

The company offers the customers many selected collections of exclusive rugs, ideal for luxurious environments, from villas, to houses and apartments; all of them are of the highest quality and hand-knotted. The careful selection made by the expert staff of Mollaian has allowed them to create a vast catalog of exclusive carpets, of different shapes, sizes and textures. Some are real collector’s items, and there are real actual gems among them. It’s an offer that talks to people who are passionate or who need a perfect, precious carpet to furnish their homes. Among the many possibilities, Mollaian offers unique collections such as:


Plus, carpets and rugs can be chosen depending on their origin, for example coming from Persia, Turkey, China, East Turkestan, Pakistan – some of the most renowned countries regarding carpet and rug production.


Why choose Mollaian Srl

Mollaian provides rugs and carpets of the best quality, imported from countries renowned for their tradition. The company imports directly all the carpets that it distributes, with no intermediaries. Therefore, Mollaian has often been the first importer in Italy and Europe of some exclusive collections and types of rugs. The characteristics of each rug are analysed through strict evaluation criteria, with particular attention to the aesthetic taste and the overall quality. Mollaian represents a convenient and complete distribution centre.


The exclusive carpets and rugs from Mollaian’s collections can also be easily purchased online, in maximum comfort and security. You can always count on the advice of the company’s staff at any time; in this way you’ll always be sure to purchase the rug that best fits your needs, your style and your spaces.


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