Qinghai International Carpet Exhibition, Xining, China

Finally after a long wait we reached CHINA, a very important destination considering the fact that we have one of the largest collections of so-called “IMPERIAL” rugs from ancient China.
These precious artifacts were placed inside the Forbidden City in the various halls of the Imperial Palace, enriching with their “royal” charm the environment where the emperor or empress stayed or spent their days.
A truly excellent international exhibition in Xining (Qinghai-China) that made us deserve the compliments of all the political and commercial authorities in the area. This encouraged many national and regional interviews to focus on the collection of imperial carpets, as well as a collection of Tibetans monastery carpets which are of great interest among all exhibitors who came from neighbouring Tibet and Mongolia.
Unforgettable adventure …

X I N I N G – C H I N A (JUNE 2018)