Semi-Antique European Rug n°:70834898, 1920-1950

137 × 70 cm (4' 5" × 2' 3")

Origin: Europe
Field: Special
Design: Modern Vintage
Knot/Pile: Wool
Warp: Cotton
Weft: Cotton
Production Style: Hand Knotted

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Woven in Europe between 1920 and 1950, in spite of its age this carpet measuring 137 × 70 cm (4′ 5″ × 2′ 3″) is not considered properly antique, probably because of its extreme modernity. One of the greatest cultural and socio-economic phenomena of the contemporary age, from the Industrial Revolution to today, is design. Who is the designer? He is often an engineer or an architect, sometimes a draftsman or an artist or a craftsman. Since the dawn of time carpets had been a means of cultural transmission, messages from the past. In Europe a change in approach projected them into the future. It is a rare object, due to coarse knotting few of its kind have survived. With overall good condition, some areas of low pile that are consistent with its age, and the small size, this rug fits into classic or modern settings creating a truly unique combination.