Persian Rugs

The term Antique Persian Rugs covers all carpets that are made in modern Iran. Weaving carpets with vast variety of motifs, materials, colors etc. in different parts of Persia has resulted a number of famous carpet types referring to a center, tribe or style in which they were produced. The variety of Persian carpets is known throughout the world, not only in the types and decorative designs, but also and above all for their easy adaptability to any type of setting. The influence and artistic contribution in the creation of carpets have made Persian carpets famous not only for their beauty but also for their durability over time. The factories are clearly distinct from Heriz to Tabriz, blending together Azeri and Persian styles; tribal carpets demonstrate their great capacity for improvisation in graphic and tonal elaborations; the carpets from Isfahan and Nain are appreciated like those in sets from Qum; the afshari from Kerman and Nain, Bijar from Kashan, Sanandaj, Malayer, Qashqai, Bakhtiari, Serapi, we leave it up to you to discover your favorite

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