Antique Caucasian Zeiwa (Zeiva) Hand-knottet Rug n°:68711989, 19th Century

334 × 238 cm (10' 11" × 7' 9")

Origin: Caucasus
Field: All Over
Design: Stylized Motif
Knot/Pile: Wool
Warp: Wool
Weft: Wool
Production Style: Hand Knotted
Color: |

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The carpet measuring 334 × 238 cm (10′ 11″ × 7′ 9″) knotted in the 19th century derives its name from the village of Zeiwa (Zeijwa) to the SE of Kuba, in the Caucasus region. The pile is shiny and velvety, the warping is dense and has a difference in height between the warp threads, the rays of the overlapping and aligned in double row medallions reach the frame that delimits the field. The medallions recall the motifs of the Kazakh eagle. There are two main frames, the outermost with a double “S”, motifs of birds mutually conceived, the innermost decorated with typical motifs of the Seikhur area, also present in the decoration of the field. Three secondary frames with identical ribbon decoration. Original finishes with honeycomb intertwined warp threads on the headboards. A fine carpet connoisseur will not fail to be enthusiastic about the unmistakable characteristics of this specimen!