Antique Caucasian Lezghi Runner Rug n°:48846610

265 × 121 cm (8' 8" × 3' 11")

An antique Lesghi runner measuring 265 × 121 cm (8' 8" × 3' 11") knotted in the 19th century by ....

Rug Description

An antique Lesghi runner measuring 265 × 121 cm (8′ 8″ × 3′ 11″) knotted in the 19th century by the Lesghi populations who live in terraced villages in northwestern Dagestan. Five small octagons inscribed in a cross-shaped grid are at the center of the typical eight-pointed stars and four diagonal arrows. Madder and cochineal red alternate with a warm yellow on a captivating blue background, filler motifs such as rosettes, “S” shapes and stylized animals surround five and a half stars. The main Kufic border has a green background and two secondary borders decorated with eight-petalled corollas, flanked by lying “Z” frames. At times the black is corroded with a nice relief effect. Absolutely charming, it’s one of those rugs that creates ambiance in areas of the house that otherwise wouldn’t have any!

At Mollaian srl we try to do our best, giving a new life to some of antique rugs with minor problems, that may have affected by age. So, apart from what is visible on the presented photos, you will have the correct condition report in a professional way (including any retouch has been made by our restoration team) that you may not receive from many dealers.


  • Professionally cleaned and ready for immediate use

The restoration(s)/modification(s) applied on this item is/are as follow:

  • Ends/Fringes secured
  • Selvages/Sides secured