Decorative Chinese Imperial Silk & Matal (Kesi) Textile n°:65872018, 19th Century

145 × 143 cm (4' 9" × 4' 8")

Origin: China
Material: Cotton
Production Style: Handmade

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The intense royal blue of this chinese silk textile made in the 19th century that measures 145 × 143 cm (4′ 9″ × 4′ 8”) has enormous expressive force. Dragons that predominate in chinese decorations prior to 1950 are seen as benign figures, referred to as “the genius of strength and goodness”. Traditionally it is one of the Four Supernatural Creature,

powerful but pitiful and by symbolic extension it represents the Emperor. It is depicted with a sacred or flaming pearl which the dragon is eager to attain. It means that the dragon, symbol of the emperor, is always eager to reach the pearl, the sign of perfection. Intense but iridescent, hung, framed or laid, it can fit as a point of color of great refinement both in monochromatic environments or environments where to balance other dominant colors.