Antique Chinese Textile Silk n°:42711283, 18th Century

154 × 55 cm (5' 0" × 1' 9")

Origin: China
Material: Silk
Production Style: Handmade

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This is an antique 18th-century textile woven in China and measures 154 x 55CM in size. It has a pictorial design with a centered four-clawed dragon flanked with cloud motifs above the dragon is located a crane in mid-flight and at the bottom of the textile are two galloping dears. This is an extremely fine textile woven on an imperial yellow colored background and its format indicates that it most likely was used as a banner or wrapped around a pillar. it has been preserved in excellent condition and has returned all its original highly saturated colors. This textile is ready to be mounted or hung on a wall to be enjoyed for many more years.