Vintage Swedish Rya Rug n°:54090527, 1950-1970

172 × 97 cm (5' 7" × 3' 2")

Origin: Sweden
Field: Special
Design: Modern Vintage
Knot/Pile: Wool
Warp: Cotton
Weft: Cotton
Production Style: Hand Knotted
Color: |

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Rya rug is a hand-woven decorative rug or tapestry of Scandinavian origin, with a thick pile and usually an abstract design. This Swedish hand-knotted rug, wool over cotton warp and weft, measuring 172 × 97 cm (5′ 7″ × 3′ 2″), was made between 1950 and 1970. The geometric abstract decoration is asymmetrically displayed and seems to suggest a context of sea waves and the creatures that inhabit them. Don’t you also see little fish in the superimposed figures? What if it suggests that we are waves of one sea, fish swimming in one ocean? Or none of this, it might just be an exercise in fancy shapes and colors. It’s nice that a material object makes us think and asks us questions to answer with our sensory perception, isn’t that what art does?