A Large Semi-Antique European Carpet n°:34580209, ca. 1920

545 × 510 cm (17' 10" × 16' 8")

Origin: Europe
Field: All Over
Design: Floral
Knot/Pile: Wool
Warp: Cotton
Weft: Cotton
Production Style: Hand Knotted

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This large European carpet measuring 545 × 510 cm (17′ 10″ × 16′ 8″) knotted around 1920 is in an admirable state of preservation. The decoration reinterprets the ancient Herat design which places a flower in the center of a rhombus at the opposite vertices of which identical flowers appear while on the sides rests the figure of a fish, which in some specimens looks more like a leaf or a feather. In this case the rhomboidal figure is only hinted at by the arrangement of the floral decorative elements. This sort of floral geometry is repeated in a modular way throughout the area of ​​the carpet, creating an “infinite pattern” motif. The contrast of the white decorations revives the enveloping warmth of the background colour. The frame therefore delimits that area of infinity where I exist and my carpet is my home!