Antique Afghan Herat Rug n°:94249703, 18th Century

270 × 209 cm (8' 10" × 6' 10")

Sign/Firma: not clear
Origin: Afghanistan
Field: Medallion
Design: Floral
Knot/Pile: Wool
Warp: Cotton
Weft: Cotton
Production Style: Hand Knotted
Color: |

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Hand-knotted in 18th century probably product between Afghanistan and Persia this rug measuring 270 × 209 cm (8′ 10″ × 6′ 10″) has a woolen fleece over a cotton warp and weft, and is thought to probably come from Herāt, the Timurid capital in the 15th century, now a provincial capital in western Afghanistan. Herāt pattern decorates the field of the carpet: a flower inscribed in a rhombus whose opposite vertices end in identical flowers, a feather, or a leaf, or a fish is placed on the sides of the rhomboidal figure. The unusually shaped central medallion supports a cartouche with an illegible inscription and shows a wild animal getting the better of its prey, while wild animals ready to attack converge from the four cantonals. The light green edge combine fluttering vines, ribbon clouds, adorable palmettes shapes with animal chases and fights. Gracefully decorated, the carpet expresses an unspeakable energy, strength and power. It features a fantastic blazon which certfity the fact that this piece might be a special order by the noble family or governmental office. Can you resist?