Antique Persian Kashan (Mohtasham) Silk Rug n°:24162423

204 × 134 cm (6' 8" × 4' 4")

Antique Persian Kashan (Mohtasham) Silk Rug, 1900 ca. Kashan is among the oldest cities of present-day Iran, boasting a very ....

Rug Description

Antique Persian Kashan (Mohtasham) Silk Rug, 1900 ca. Kashan is among the oldest cities of present-day Iran, boasting a very long and prolific activity in the artistic field, particularly in the creation of carpets of the highest quality and elegance, so much so that it is home town to genial carpet producers such as the famous Motahsham (Hajji Mullah Mohammad Hassan Mohtasham). Kashan Motasham rugs are generally cotton construction and Kork wool pile. We are rarely lucky enough to be in front of a silk Kashan Motasham carpet. In this incredible example, the color combinations and the complexity of the design which develops culminating in a niche (mirhab), are perfectly calibrated and modulated in every single detail. The main border, in an ash gray colour, contains floral motifs typical of the decorative style of the master Mothasham, with small cherry blossoms and rosettes and twigs sinuously arranged across the entire frame. Starting from the bottom towards the niche, the background is adorned with floral motifs surrounding two cypress trees on a purple background, and two up side down larch trees symbolizing birth and immortality. From the center upwards a vase of flowers rises upwards accompanied by a detailed bouquet of flowers. Alongside the tops of the cypresses filled with large floral motifs, small “trees of life” grow, almost incorporated into the design of the upside-down larches. A thick and rich floral decoration anticipates the niche with a purple background decorated by a plume at its junction point. Among the motifs filling the niche, we note two beautiful “Boteh” with a black profile in sharp contrast with the soft shades of the “mirhab”. The state of preservation and the effect of changing tones from one side to the other are excellent. Explore our collection of rare Mohtasham rugs.

At Mollaian srl we try to do our best, giving a new life to some of antique rugs with minor problems, that may have affected by age. So, apart from what is visible on the presented photos, you will have the correct condition report in a professional way (including any retouch has been made by our restoration team) that you may not receive from many dealers.


  • Professionally cleaned and ready for immediate use

The restoration(s)/modification(s) applied on this item is/are as follow:

  • Ends/Fringes secured
  • Selvages/Sides secured