A Large Semi-Antique European Carpet n°:34580209

545 × 510 cm (17' 10" × 16' 8")

This large European carpet measuring 545 × 510 cm (17' 10" × 16' 8") knotted around 1920 is in an ....

Rug Description

This large European carpet measuring 545 × 510 cm (17′ 10″ × 16′ 8″) knotted around 1920 is in an admirable state of preservation. The decoration reinterprets the ancient Herat design which places a flower in the center of a rhombus at the opposite vertices of which identical flowers appear while on the sides rests the figure of a fish, which in some specimens looks more like a leaf or a feather. In this case the rhomboidal figure is only hinted at by the arrangement of the floral decorative elements. This sort of floral geometry is repeated in a modular way throughout the area of ​​the carpet, creating an “infinite pattern” motif. The contrast of the white decorations revives the enveloping warmth of the background colour. The frame therefore delimits that area of infinity where I exist and my carpet is my home!

At Mollaian srl we try to do our best, giving a new life to some of antique rugs with minor problems, that may have affected by age. So, apart from what is visible on the presented photos, you will have the correct condition report in a professional way (including any retouch has been made by our restoration team) that you may not receive from many dealers.


  • Professionally cleaned and ready for immediate use

The restoration(s)/modification(s) applied on this item is/are as follow:

  • Ends/Fringes secured
  • Selvages/Sides secured