Frequently Asked Questions

— Do You Offer International Shipping ?

Yes, we proudly ship our carpets using renowned couriers such as UPS, DHL, and FedEx, ensuring reliable and efficient delivery to your doorstep, no matter where you are in the world.

— What Are the Delivery Times ?

Delivery times depend on your location. For national deliveries, expect your carpet within 48 hours. International shipments typically arrive in about a week to 15 days.

What Payment Options are Available ?

You can complete your purchase through bank transfer, credit card, or by using cash or
check at our sales points.

— How Do I Choose the Right Carpet Color for My Room ?

Selecting the perfect carpet color involves considering your room’s existing palette. For a striking contrast, opt for light colors on dark floors and vice versa. To create a seamless look, match the carpet color with your floor.

— What Size Carpet Should I Choose for My Space?

The ideal carpet size depends on the room’s dimensions and layout. For a living room with a standard three-seater sofa, choose a carpet that extends beyond the sofa’s armrests by at least 2.5 meters in width and is at least 160-170 cm deep. A larger rug can make the room appear more spacious if there are no obstructions like columns or fireplaces.

— What Factors Should I Consider When Buying a Carpet?

Evaluate your carpet purchase based on three key aspects:

  • Size
    • Design/Color
  • Price

— Should I Opt for a Plain or Patterned Carpet?

If your space already features various patterns and colors, a solid-colored carpet might be more suitable. It helps avoid visual clutter and maintain a balanced aesthetic.

— How Can I Clean a Persian Carpet?

For everyday maintenance, use a vacuum cleaner with a minimum power of 1300 watts. To refresh colors, gently dab the carpet every 4-5 months with a solution of water and white vinegar (two caps of vinegar in two liters of water).

— Is It Better to Clean My Carpet Myself or Hire Professionals?

For deep cleaning, especially water washing, it’s advisable to trust the experts to ensure
the best care for your carpet.

Do the Carpet Colors on the Screen Match the Actual Product?

We strive for accuracy in our online images, taken by professional photographers, but slight variations may occur due to different screen settings.

— Does the Listed Carpet Size Include Fringes?

No, the listed dimensions exclude fringes and selvedge for precise measurements.

— What Does ‘Knot’ Mean in Carpet Terminology?

A knot refers to the manual intertwining of wool or silk threads on a base of horizontal and vertical threads, forming the carpet’s structure.

— Can I Vacuum My Carpet?

Yes, vacuuming is part of regular carpet care, but avoid the fringes to prevent damage.

— How Should I Store My Carpet Long-Term?

For extended storage, wrap the carpet in newspaper, which contains substances that deter moths. Ensure the carpet is used regularly and not stored in damp or dark conditions.

— What Should I Do If My Carpet Gets Stained?

Treat common stains (grease, coffee, tea) with a damp sponge and a mild detergent. Rinse, blot dry, and use a hairdryer to remove moisture from the fibers.

— Oriental Rug’s Key Characteristics ?

Oriental rugs are known for their hand-knotting, specific designs indicative of their region of origin, and materials like wool, cotton, and silk.

— How to Recognize a Persian Carpet ?

Inspect the rug’s reverse side for hand knotting. The design should typically reflect the city of origin (see Кавказские коврики).

— How should I Evaluate a Valuable Carpet?

Consider the carpet’s age, condition, knot density, and whether it originates from renowned carpet-producing countries. Antique carpets gain value with age and preservation.

— What to Do If a Thread Sticks Out on My Carpet?

Trimming a protruding thread is safe and won’t damage the overall integrity of the carpet.

— Can I Iron Out Creases in My Carpet?

Yes, use a steam iron with a damp cloth as a barrier, preferably on the carpet’s reverse side, and consider consulting a specialist for best results.

— How Often Should Carpets Be Washed?

Washing frequency depends on the carpet’s location and usage. Carpets in high-traffic areas may need more frequent cleaning when colors begin to dull.

— What Is the Most Valuable Type of Carpet?

Carpet value varies based on factors like age, craftsmanship, and knot density. There’s no singular «most valuable» type; quality and heritage play significant roles.

— Origin of your Carpets?

Our collection spans the globe, featuring carpets from Persia, Turkey, China, India, Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Eastern Europe.

— Do You Provide Authenticity Certificates?

Yes, each carpet comes with a certificate verifying its provenance and authenticity.

— How should I Ensure that a Rug Fits Well in My Home?

Consider size, color, and how the rug complements your existing décor. We offer personalized advice based on your budget and design preferences (to have an idea you may like Visualize our new Rugs & Carpets in your space.

— Are All Your Rugs Handmade?

Absolutely, we specialize in exclusively handmade and hand-knotted rugs.

— Can I View your Carpets in Person ?

Visit our store to experience our carpets firsthand.

— Do you Offer Carpet Restoration Service?

We offer comprehensive restoration and repair services, ensuring the highest quality care for your carpets.

— Can I put my Carpet Outside?

While our carpets can be placed outdoors, we recommend doing so during warmer months for longevity.