Signed “Abolghasem” Kerman Ravar Rug ordered by “Farman Farma” Rug n°:71573530

193 × 130 cm



The work of one of the greatest and most famous weaving masters of Iran, Abolghasem Kermani. This carpet was seamlessly woven by order of Abdolhossein Mirza Farmanfarma, Qajar prince and prime minister of Iran during the reign of Ahmad Shah. The timeless elegance and beauty of the floral designs of this carpet, the expressive use of colors, and the unique accuracy in the border of this carpet come exclusively from Master Kermani. The foundation of this carpet is cotton while the pile is made of wool.

  • Professionally cleaned and ready for immediate use
  • 布边/侧面固定
  • 末端/边缘固定