Teppich Persischer Antiker Khorassan n°:61290327, 17. Jh.

315 × 161 cm (10' 4" × 5' 3")

Herkunft: Persien
Feld: All-Over
Design: Stilisiertes Motiv
Knoten/Stapel: Wolle
Kettfaden: Wolle
Schuss: Wolle
Production Style: Handgeknüpft

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This is a 17th-century Khorassan rug from Northeast Persia. This rug has an allover design with extra large palmettes and the famous sickle leaf motif from the Safavid dynasty. The border also takes its inspiration from the field with palmettes flanked by sickle leafs all connected using a vine design. Many Safavid carpets that remain today are in similar condition as this example, because many of them have been used for years starting in the palace of the king of Persian and then later moved to large mosques, and even destroyed, burned, or relocated due to war. This Khorassan has been woven on an all wool foundation and has 100% wool pile.