Antique Italian Textile n°:95477076, ca. 1880

230 × 30 cm (7' 6" × 0' 11")

Sign/Firma: VS XP XP SS
Origin: Italy
Material: Silk
Production Style: Handmade

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In the centre, with a kabbalistic/gematric representation, the biblical tetragrammaton (yhwh) yahweh, which is the sequence of the four Hebrew letters (Greek, tetragràmmaton; τέτρα, “four” and γράμματα, “letters”) that compose the proper name of God (Latin, theonymum). Following, on both sides, the monogram of Christ (chrismon). This symbol consists of two large superimposed letters, the ‘x’ and the ‘p’ which correspond, respectively, to the Greek letter ‘χ’ (‘chi’, read kh, aspirated) and ‘ρ’ (‘rho’, which reads r). These two letters are the initials of the word ‘χριστόσ’ (khristòs), the name of Jesus, which in Greek means ‘anointed one’ and translates the Hebrew ‘messiah’. Two anthropomorphic figures follow, one sees Wenceslas I (Přemyslid Duke of Bohemia) followed by a sword, also known as “The Sword of St. Wenceslas” or “Coronation Sword” which is now part of the Bohemian Crown Jewels. Unlike the Crown Jewels proper, the sword is on permanent display as part of the St. Vitus Cathedral Treasury in the Chapel of the Holy Cross at Prague Castle. Below are the initials SV, most likely St. Wenceslas, today the Patron Saint of the Bohemian State. The opposite cartouche shows a bishop blessing a faithful under a saber and the crosier used in Germany, in the Rhineland Palatinate, in the municipality of Elsoff (Westerwald). This is followed by the double ‘S’, which represents the solemnity of the Holy Trinity (often referred to simply as the Holy Trinity or (from italian ‘Santissima’, SS Trinità). Good state of conservation.