Turkish Hereke Silk & Metal Rug n°:71175126, XXI Century

167 × 122 cm (5' 5" × 4' 0")

Sign/Firma: This is the Paradise Rug on the earth if there is any!
Origin: Turkey
Field: All Over
Design: Floral
Knot/Pile: Silk&Metal
Warp: Silk
Weft: Silk
Production Style: Hand Knotted



The square field with various multicoloured trees and landscape. Sang-de-boeuf cross panel above and below with birds and flowering vine. In an ivory border of bold palmettes, floral sprays and floral tendrils between light blue floral meander, chain and linked lozenges stripes.

Unusual design for this type. Well balanced colours. Very fine weave. Silk is lustrous and very fine quality. Ends with kilim and fringes, one with  inscription cartouche. Woven on silk foundation. Selvages original. In general this rug is in very food condition throughout.  Attractive and very elegant piece.