Antique Hand-knotted Caucasian All-over Akstafa Runner Rug n°:128640, 19th Century

205 × 97 cm (6' 8" × 3' 2")

Origin: Caucasus
Field: All Over
Design: Stylized Motif
Knot/Pile: Wool
Warp: Wool
Weft: Wool
Production Style: Hand Knotted
Color: |

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This antique Caucasian runner named Akstafa, hand-knotted in the 19th century and measuring 205 × 97 cm (6′ 8″ × 3′ 2″) was made by woolen fleece on woolen warp and weft. The Akstafas, due to the soft and fluffy fleece and the splendid geometric decoration, are among the most attractive carpets from the Caucasus. The field is divided into lozenges by serrated leaves in a soft blush color bordered with pinkish brown. Inside the grid, in parallel and staggered rows, we find quadripartite lozenges with hooks and göl-like hexagons. The so-called eagle’s beak border cuts this piece of infinity with certain finesse and precision to place it in your home with sure effect. A myriad of asymmetrical and symmetrical decorations invade the field, it takes a lifetime to discover them!